Strategic & Technical Consulting | STC
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Strategic & Technical Consulting

Masterplanning, Concept Design & Process Analysis Consultants


What we do

We fill the gap between management consulting and engineering – creating accurate business plans for projects and defining the scope and cost of investment in detail.

We tailor our service to your needs, and draw on the expertise of our pool of highly experienced consultants as and when necessary.

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Our clients are typically investors or managers in the pharmaceutical, biologics and consumer goods sectors though we have worked in many other technology sectors.

We provide the critical link between strategic planning and technical implementation and we specifically help any process sector achieve significant operational improvement by changing the way things are done.

technical consultancy


Each principal consultant has over 25 years’ experience in technical operations, regulatory compliance and design – principally but not exclusively in lifesciences.

Through our careers we have worked with many of the largest companies in the world. Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry but also in lifesciences in general and many other process sectors

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Tel: +44 (0)1730 817380

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